1-30-11 - Week 11 picture

I'm not very good at taking these pictures on any sort of regular basis - hopefully I will be once there is actually something there to photograph.

Please excuse the hair - I just got out of the shower (see below for more details)

Close Up

In the meantime, here is the week 11 picture.  Not too much noticeable change from the week 9 picture, but there is definitely a little pudge there.  I swear that I haven't gained a pound since week 5 back in December so who knows what that is.  I'm not exactly a model eater, but I'm also not a trainwreck of an eater, and my cravings have been relatively mild.

My least favorite symptom right now - greasiness. I think I talked about this already, but I can't get over it.  I used to be able to go for at least 48 hours without having to shower.  After 48 hours my hair might start to look a little greasy, but even then, it wasn't a sure thing.  Now, in less than 24 hours I look like I dipped my head in a vat of oil.  I need to shower every single if I want to leave the house, otherwise I look horrible.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I HATE showering, especially on weekends.  If I'm dirty or sweaty then fine - I don't argue about showering. But in the winter when it's cold and I'm not sweating or getting at all dirty I like to leave my warm clothes on and skip the water.  That's not an option anymore, and it's definitely a new thing since this pregnancy has started.  The weirdest thing is that greasy hair isn't really a symptom that I found in any of the books that I've read, which is only making me feel more and more like I can't relate to any of these stupid pregnancy books that go on and on about morning symptoms, crazy cravings, and mood swings.

Even DH notices my greasy hair. That means it must be bad....


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