1-2-11 - Yogurt and the Case of the Burps

Written on 1/2/2011

In an effort to try to give my unborn child more nutrition food than I usually consume, DH and I have started to eat healthier.  Mostly normal changes, including adding more whole grains and vegetables into our diets.  But for me, in particular, he has long been trying to get me to like yogurt and believed that this pregnancy was going to be time for me to start liking yogurt.

For the record, I HATE yogurt.  I don't think it tastes like pudding or a dessert or anything else tasty that other people might compare it to.  I think it tastes sour, and yes, I am trying the flavored versions.  Still tastes sour to me.

So I tried it again today with some old and some new results.

First of all, EW! Sour! Since I am lactose intolerant I was trying to Silk brand vanilla flavor.  I made DH try it to confirm that it was horrendously sour but he did not agree.

Anyway, then I added some Just Bunches cinnamon granola cereal, since the little yogurt cup recommended adding granola and that's how DH eats his.

Still yuck.  I was actually gagging on it early on and my eyes started watering like crazy and as I tried to force it down my throat I started laughing and seemed totally delirious.  DH desperately wished that he could post on his Facebook status something along the lines of, "My pregnant wife is crying over yogurt."

Then the weirdest thing started happening - I started burping like crazy.  Huge, loud burps that sounded like they should be coming from a large burly man who had just chugged a Bud Light.  I swear I must have burped at least a dozen times, if not more.

I understand that yogurt offers a lot of health benefits that I should be partaking in, but I'm not sure that I can swallow much more of it, especially since it feels like I'm going to throw up every single time I burp.  I still have one little cup of yogurt left in the fridge - blueberry this time - and if it doesn't go better next time then baby Hartman might just need to get his or her yogurt after August.


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