1/10/11 - What I Crave

If you've never been pregnant before, let me tell you one thing that I have learned that I used to totally discredit - cravings are real.

DH thinks it's mostly in my head, that I'm using this baby as an excuse to eat whatever I want.  I understand why he might think that since he's not raging with hormones or feeling all of these crazy things that I am feeling inside that I haven't even told him about because I think he would think I'm just making it up.  But the other night, when I had planned a tasty dinner of tilapia and vegetables, I felt that "queasiness" feeling and I couldn't possibly imagine eating that for dinner.

But we're trying to be healthy (remember? New Year's Resolution) so I kept cooking it and snuck in a snack of chips or pistachio's or something else to tide me over.

I barely ate half of my tilapia.  DH of course blamed it on my snack, which I ended up admitting to, out of guilt for wasting food.  But I know it wasn't just the snack.

Cravings - for or against - certain food items are real.

What I've been craving like crazy late:
  • Domino's pizza (omg... this one is the worst!)
  • Mexican food
  • Guacamole (probably could be counted as "Mexican food," but the craving for this comes separately so I'm counting it separately)
  • Fruit Punch, particularly the frozen concentrate kind
What has been turning my stomach just thinking about it:
  • Tilapia
  • Peppers and most vegetables in general
  • Yogurt (I've been trying to learn to like yogurt but it's not going well)

In general I want strong, satisfying flavors.  Bland, wheaty, or grainy things aren't really cutting it for me.  Instead give me oven baked french fries and a buffalo chicken sandwich.  Salt is my friend, going down at least.  A couple of hours later though I feel incredibly bloated, and considering I've never really experienced bloating before, I hate it.  And then salt is no longer my friend.  We have a love hate relationship.

I have a feeling this is going to be true for many more weeks...


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