1/11/11 - "You're Next!"

Today was the baby shower of a coworker who will be leaving to go on maternity week at the end of this week.  She is due on Monday.  Two and a half months ago another coworker had her baby and a week or two before she left, I co-orchestrated an office baby shower for her, collecting money and buying all of the gifts for the shower.

Apparently I became the office "party planner" after that event, because it was assumed that I would do the same for this one. That's fine.  No big deal in fact, except that I had no idea what to buy.

So now I have two baby showers under my belt, and after the shower today some other coworkers were saying, "You're going to be next?"

And I was like, "Oh yeah? Why do you say that?"

Their response: "Because you're the only one left."


It's true.  Obviously they do not know the truth - I am definitely next.  Undeniably next.  But this baby that I have in August will be the 4th baby our office has birthed in less than 10 months.  That ridiculous, right?

When you look around, there are quite a few late 20s, early 30s aged women - prime reproducing age.  And so it's inevitable, in many ways, that there will be babies.

I hate that I'm #4.  By the time my due date comes around I feel like people are going to be so sick of babies and baby showers and pregnant women that they're probably going to push me out the door. I know that's not true of course, but it really does feel like I jumped on the "baby bandwagon" even though that is not the case at all.


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