1/20/11 - Weird Pregnancy Fact of the Week

DH and I often comment that pregnancy is one of the strangest, most abnormal things in the world.  As we come across random facts that support our musings, I'm going to post them here.  It probably won't be as frequently as once a week - it fact, this might end up being the only one - but who knows.

Anyway, here's your Weird Pregnancy Fact of the Week:

"When you're pregnant, your immune system is weakened so that the body does not reject the baby."

Seriously!?!? If that's not proof!  Pregnancy is so bizarre and unnatural that even my own body wants to reject it!


Emily said...

Ive known that for a long time! Thats why people like me with over active immune systems go into remission & have no joint pain or symptoms when pregnant. The body automatically suppresses itself, like when someone is on immuno-suppressants after an organ transplant so it doesnt reject the foreign organ, just like a baby! thats also why pregnant women (& those with weakened immune systems like myself) were first in line for the h1n1 (& flu) vaccine, because they are more susceptible to getting sick!
I will find you a more weird fact for you & dave to ponder!

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