Twisty Slide - Toddler Style

EH is finally at that age where he is super interested in playgrounds.  Going up steps, walking across bridges and going down slides.  ESPECIALLY going down slides.

I thought he might be a little apprehensive about going down slides by himself, but I could not have been more wrong.  He loves it.  Can't get enough of it.  The worst part about going to the park is convincing EH that it's a good time to leave.

I finally understand why the parents of toddlers are always lamenting cold weather and the inability to go outside and play.  Outside is so much fun at this age!

Those Baby Blues

We knew that EH would have blue eyes - after all, both DH and I are blue-eyed beauties.  But what I never really understood was why people are always so quick to remark about blue eyes.

 Well, now I know. 

Take a blue eyed baby, some blue clothing to bring out that eye color, and some bright natural sunlight, and you don't even need Photoshop to make remarkable eyes.

That kid.. he's going to be heartbreaker with those eyes some day...

EH Contractors Inc.

There is so much catching up that I have to do.  Videos and pictures from weeks ago, that are too cute to not share, but getting to be too old to even be relevant anymore.  The problem is that he changes waaaaaay too fast.  Seriously, one day he can't reach the handle of the front and the next day he's not only letting the dog in, but then once DH takes off the leash, EH opens the door again and throws the leash outside.

Where does he learn these things!?!??! I mean, I guess I know where he learns these things, but when was he paying enough attention to actually take it all in and remember it?  He seems like such an ADHD baby most of the time, but clearly that is NOT the case.

So here is the back story on this video.  We would really love to get a king-sized bed, but our bedroom is pretty small and we aren't optimistic that it would fit.  When we first moved into our house, there was a doorway within our bedroom that led to a "back entrance" of sorts to the bathroom.  It was stupid.  So we closed it up and even though right now it's just a trashy wall of purple drywall it has meant that we can now use that space as a real wall, instead of having to honor the existence of a door.

So after some initial measuring I'm pretty sure we didn't come to any conclusive results, EXCEPT knowing for certain that EH found a new toy for the next two weeks or more - the tape measure.

And evidence of his budding, advanced listening skills... the video.

He's Basically an Adult, People!

I'm not sure when the last time was that I posted a video of EH, but I'm pretty sure that compared to the video I'm going to post today, he probably seemed like a total baby.  That's because in today's video he practically seems like an adult.

The boy is going down the twisty slide.  BY HIMSELF.

On one of the smaller slides at the same park he didn't even need help getting up OR going down the slide.  He went up the stairs all on his own, sat down way too far away from the top of slide, shimmied his bum to the slide and then tried to count "one... two... " before going down all by himself.  Most of the time I just stood at the bottom of the slide - he didn't even need me!

Here's the video.

Doesn't he seem SO OLD??!?!

It really is amazing how much he's grown recently.  His vocabulary has increased exponentially, and he knows what he's talking about most of the time - it's a lot less babble than it used to be.

At a play date this past week they had an easter egg hunt for the little kids and even though we didn't think he was old enough to really care, he was SO into picking up the eggs and putting them in his bag whenever we pointed one out to him (he wasn't real great at actually finding them himself.)

Although I've been longing for warmer weather for my own personal reasons, I am now looking forward even more than ever to more park play days and eventually going to the swimming pool.  I can already tell that this summer is going to be blast with EH.  Can someone maybe take EH on his best (non-fussy) day and just freeze him in time for a little bit?  Because this age is just so adorable I finally understand why people say things like "they grow up so quickly."  Before I was always just like, "Ok bud, let's just grow up already, ok?"