I got my first real harvest of the summer today - one cucumber, Swiss chard and tons of green beans!

The challenge now is convincing EH to eat green veggies, something he has recently been protesting.

Cool Cat

I think he's ready to go to kindergarten.

And he would definitely be the coolest kid.

First Zoo Trip

We took EH to the zoo for the first time on July 5th.  I mention the date specifically because it was probably not the best day to take a not-quite-2-year-old to the zoo.  The day after the 4th of July... everyone on vacation... kids out of school... steamy hot July temperatures and humidity.... it was tough.

I preface with all of that because in all honesty, it was more stressful for us than we wanted it to be.  I do think that EH had a great time, and he seems to have taken in more than I thought he did, but it was so hot, and so crowded, that we had a hard time keeping him near us, and a hard time seeing many of the animals, because the crowds were so big and lines so long that we just wanted to get through.

So, if you take nothing else from this post, let it be this - go to the zoo on a random weekday.  In the fall.  Not around a holiday.

And I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time.

So you'll notice that this post is relatively short on pictures, and all of the above explains why.  All of the pictures below are from the first 15 minutes that we were there.  After that, all of the time, energy and attention of three adults were spent keeping track of a tiny toddler amidst crowds of people and wild animals.

So, here are the highlights of what we captured on (e)film!

 First up - Kangaroo enclosure!

Some of the most fun he had the entire day was riding this turtle. Fun and cute - win/win!

Plus I got this great, frameworthy picture of EH with his dada.

He also had a blast watching the sea lions swim in the tank (and loved the aquarium in general, even though we don't have any pictures from that.)

And of course, the petting zoo, where he touched both goats and sheep!

I know that the zoo is going to be a really fun and awesome place to take him in the future.  We purchased a membership, because as long as you go at least 3 times in a calendar year, you will get your money's worth, and I do want to take him more often now. 

It's just that after that last experience, I have dreams of taking him on a school day in November or December, when it's cool/cold, but not snowing, when there are no crowds and we can just explore and have a grand old time.

I'm already looking forward to it!  If you have a zoo membership too and want to go with us sometime, let me know!

EH's Summer Vacation

Last week EH spent 8 days at his Grandie's house, all of those with his daddy and some of them with me as well.  It was his summer vacation in a sense, and he had a ton of fun.

Some of the highlights include:

1. Spray Park!
 He absolutely a blast at the spray park. The first time he went with his dad on a sunny day, and it was relatively crowded.  The second time he went I was there as well.  It was overcast and raining most of the time, plus the water wasn't working for the first 40 minutes or so that we were there.  There was another family there with their 4 year old, and Evan started playing with one of his trucks, so we stayed and talked with the family, who was in town from Atlanta for a wedding.  They left shortly before the water started running again and then we had the entire spray park to ourselves!

We left when EH literally started to turn blue.  And he still threw a fit about it.

2. The Fair!
We went to the Mason Dixon Fair on Thursday night, and there were a lot of firsts for him!  He got to ride his first merry-go-round, his first train ride, first baby goat encounter, he got to sit on multiple John Deere tractors that were out on display (and was quite possibly his favorite part), ate french fries for the first time, and received his first fair stuffed animal, won by his Grandie. It was a big night!!!

This fish is now formally known as "Grandie Fish."

3. Boat Rides!
EH went on multiple boat rides during his vacation week, including two different stints at driving the boat.  He was so serious when he was at the wheel, taking his responsibility very seriously.

First it was just a boat ride....

 But then he got to drive the boat!

And for those of you still with me here, I'll close with a video of Evan's boat driving experience.

Summer Garden 2013

My summer garden is in full swing. I've gone with what I perceive to be fairly low maintenance crops - chard, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, squash, and green beans. 

I tried growing basil from seed, but so far they don't seem to be thriving.  I also started some beach grass from seed and that is also slow growing, but I'm going it will grow as I love me some beach grass!

Although it's currently in desperate need of some weeding, I've barely had to water it this year thanks to this crazy rainy weather that is good for little else.  And at this rate I'll be ready for some mid-July harvesting, before I get so busy at work that I abandon my garden altogether, which is usually what happens.