Merry Christmas from EH

Smocks are Freakin' Cute

This past weekend we took EH to the Children's Museum.  EH is definitely on the young side now to really get the most out of the place, but he still had a great time. For example, in the room with all of the wheels where kids were riding in fake Smart Cars and driving magnetic cars up ramps, EH got the biggest kick out of sitting on the step stools meant for the short kids to reach certain exhibits.  He sat down. He stood up.  He smiled. He loved it.  It's the little things, right?

Other things he loved?

The Mister Rogers tree.

The giant tire.

He loooved the seed table.

It was hard to peel him away from that thing and I seriously started thinking I needed to get him a seed table! But then he started eating the seeds and a girl next to him started throwing seeds all over the floor and I was like, "Yeah, never mind on that seed table.  We'll leave that for the museum."

But what EH loved most of all was the Water Play room. This kid in a smock is seriously the cutest thing ever.

And as if you needed more evidence, here are two videos of him playing in the Water Play room. I fully recognize that these are probably things that only a parent or grandparent or aunt or uncle would appreciate, but since I know some of those people are out there reading this, this is for you!

Video #1

And Video #2

Yes, we did take his pants off and let him walk around in his shoes and onesie.  You can see it sagging off of his bum from it being wet.  We depantsed him because we wanted to put semi dry pants on him when we left (even though he got them wet within seconds) and we had a sweatshirt that we were going to use as his top.  It was a little bit trashy and a whole bit cute and he just had a blast. 

After he played with the hoses he then spent a significant amount of time by the pool scooping water up with a cup and then dumping it on the ground.  As long as he knows that's only allowed at the museum, then we're good.  Otherwise I'm going to have a really wet bathroom floor tomorrow during bath time.

In summary, we had a great time at the Children's Museum. It's a little pricy if you're paying full price ($26 for 2 adults and 1 "under 2" year old) but we had purchased a buy one get one Groupon so it only cost us $13.  It's definitely something worth doing every couple of months because I'm sure he's going to discover new things every single time he goes!