Making Time

I know that my presence on this site has been greatly diminished over the past few months.  While I still occasionally feel guilty about it, and I frequently wish that I was writing more, I have been focusing more on the theme of "making time."

So what have I been making time for?  I'm making time to be more present with EH - more active playing and interaction with him, instead of me trying to get him to play on his own while I catch up on the news and email on my phone.  I'm making more time to read, which I was sorely missing and is a good way for me to feel like I'm getting "me" time.  I'm making more time to cook actual meals, instead of throwing in a frozen pizza every night, and although my cooking efforts will not be anywhere near where they were a few years ago, I am trying to eat healthier and that involve cooking at home more often.  And finally - and this is the hardest one - I'm trying to make time for exercising.  This is usually the thing that is first to go.  I never seem to have the energy in the evenings, but we have a trip to Mexico booked for the summer and I want to make getting into shape more of a priority!

I certainly don't mean to imply that there aren't things going on over here!  EH is still a fascinating little seesaw of toddler emotions, going from saying the cutest, funniest things ever to full-blown toddler tantrum mode.  He's super into Legos and just started getting into playing "pretend" which I think it just too adorable.

Oh, and we're MOVING soon!  It's been a bit hush hush but this is happening sooner rather than later so I guess it's time to let the cat out of the bag!

All of this is to say that I haven't forgotten about the blog, but I am trying to balance my priorities and sadly that means that this little blog here tends to fall at the bottom of the list.  But I do hope to post more about our new house, and get some pictures of EH up - he's getting so big!