EH's Summer Vacation

Last week EH spent 8 days at his Grandie's house, all of those with his daddy and some of them with me as well.  It was his summer vacation in a sense, and he had a ton of fun.

Some of the highlights include:

1. Spray Park!
 He absolutely a blast at the spray park. The first time he went with his dad on a sunny day, and it was relatively crowded.  The second time he went I was there as well.  It was overcast and raining most of the time, plus the water wasn't working for the first 40 minutes or so that we were there.  There was another family there with their 4 year old, and Evan started playing with one of his trucks, so we stayed and talked with the family, who was in town from Atlanta for a wedding.  They left shortly before the water started running again and then we had the entire spray park to ourselves!

We left when EH literally started to turn blue.  And he still threw a fit about it.

2. The Fair!
We went to the Mason Dixon Fair on Thursday night, and there were a lot of firsts for him!  He got to ride his first merry-go-round, his first train ride, first baby goat encounter, he got to sit on multiple John Deere tractors that were out on display (and was quite possibly his favorite part), ate french fries for the first time, and received his first fair stuffed animal, won by his Grandie. It was a big night!!!

This fish is now formally known as "Grandie Fish."

3. Boat Rides!
EH went on multiple boat rides during his vacation week, including two different stints at driving the boat.  He was so serious when he was at the wheel, taking his responsibility very seriously.

First it was just a boat ride....

 But then he got to drive the boat!

And for those of you still with me here, I'll close with a video of Evan's boat driving experience.


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