1/27/11 - Week 10 and the swim suit break down

Week 10 is over and I am officially in week 11 now.  I am feeling great.  I no longer have any spells of queasiness (knock on wood) and thus my workouts have been strong all week.  Maintaining your current weight is SO much easier than trying to lose weight, so while I'm struggling mentally with weight gain, physically I'm actually doing fine!  I am eating way more than I was before, exercising less (just less intensely really, not usually for less time), and yet I have able to maintain fairly steadily so far.  I think that's a great sign and hopefully the scale at the doctor's office next week will agree with me.

I broke down last night and ordered a maternity swimsuit.  I know, crazy right? It's the one thing that I have been obsessing over for no apparent reason other than I am scared to death of overheating and not enjoying my summer.

Maternity swimsuits - and maternity clothing in general, really - is outrageously expensive!!!! I can't get over it.  Most of the swimsuits that I've seen were between $50 and $100 in price, with some going for more than $100! I have never spent $100 on a swimsuit and I never will.

I found a reasonable looking suit for $35 from Motherhood Maternity.  It certainly wouldn't be my first choice in terms of style or pattern (a little busy for my normal tastes), but then again, I'm not willing to spend $100 on my first choice, so something's got to give.  In the end I decided to sacrifice style over price - after all, I'm going to be fat and pregnant and style probably won't mean much to me come summer anyway. 

I also ended up ordering a khaki skirt and a dress shirt for work.  Both were $9.99 but it was buy one get one 1/2 off, so I got pieces for $15, an excellent deal if I may say so myself.  I figure this method of gradually buying some clothes will find me well stocked by the time summer comes around and I actually need to start wearing maternity items instead of just squeezing into the stuff I have now.


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