The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is.... nevermind

This post is about the roof! Our stupid, leaking, good for nothing roof.

That DH and his brother so kindly replaced.  Good thing little brother Hartman didn't have anything going on for this past weekend.... 

They look excited up there, right?  This was Saturday, around 8:30 a.m.  They had barely gotten started, so I have no idea why they look so excited.  If they knew what was really in store for them, they would not look so happy. This picture was taken after Breakfast 1 and just before Breakfast 2.  A lot of food is in order to keep Hartman men working hard.

If I ever wanted to convince someone that I lived in poverty, in a dilapidated shack, I would use this picture as "evidence."  There are stray cats and everything.

Demolition continues following Day 1 Breakfast 2. The gutters were an unintentional casualty of this project.  Apparently it's hard to tear off a roof and preserve the gutters.  You can imagine my excitement over discovering yet another unplanned expense.  But boys love themselves some demolition, so I'm pretty sure this was their favorite part of the entire weekend.

Day 1 After Lunch, the roof is off and about 15 pieces of plywood are replaced.  We probably should have replaced all of them, that's how crappy those boards were.  But we are poor with a capital PO.  So 15 pieces of plywood it is.

Here I am checking out the yard across the street from us through the whole in my house.  It's a good thing the sky was clear blue without a cloud in sight or I would have been seriously worried.

Day 1 After Snack, just before Dinner.  Plywood is all in place, and shingles start going down in the front.  We live in the middle of a mountain, so it can't get a picture of the front roof because I'm too far downhill at that point.  Believe it or not, this picture is taken only 3/4 of the way up our back yard.  Seriously - I wasn't kidding when I said we live in the middle of a mountain.

Who wouldn't love this mess!?!?

Day 2 after Breakfast 1 and Breakfast 2, the shingles start going on the back of the roof and I can finally photograph some progress.   I think the boys consumed about 96 cups of coffee by this point, between the two days.  I thought shingling would be the easy part.  I've shingled a roof in my day, if you can believe that (my mom didn't.)  But no one likes a pregnant woman doing roofing work, so I was relegated to kitchen and coffee duty.  Oh, and I painted in little New Hartman's room.  When I would get bored, I'd go outside and photograph.  Everyone loved it when I decided to climb the 40 foot ladder from the front of the house to check out the progress.  Yep, everyone loves a pregnant woman on a ladder.

Anyway, shingling took forever, and I won't bored you with pictures of that.  But here is the final product.

For all of the time, energy, and money that went into that thing I think I expected it to sparkle with flecks of gold or perhaps, I don't know, maybe shoot off some fireworks from it's peak.  No such luck though.  It's just a gray roof that hopefully (hopefully!) doesn't leak.  It shouldn't, right?

Of course, now that the roof is done, we need to look into replacing those gutters.  Our first estimate?  SEVENTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!! And that doesn't even include leaf guards which are essential in the suburban wilderness and an additional $2 to $5 PER FOOT!!! Seriously!?!?! This is highway robbery, people!  And now my poor husband feels compelled try to do the gutters himself, because to spend $2000+ dollars on gutters just seems outrageous.

Remember dear readers  - RENT, DON'T OWN!  Make your landlord fix that leaky roof!