2-8-11 - Everyone and their mother

Lately it seems like everyone and their mother is pregnant.  Seriously.  I can't tell if it's because everyone really is pregnant or if I'm noticing more because suddenly I am too, only no one else really knows about it.  In general, we are still keeping everything a secret.  I only tell people if there is no way around telling them, such as the people that we met up with at the Super Bowl party on Sunday.  6+ hours at a bar and not a sip of alcohol would make anyone suspicious (at least, anyone that knows me.)

My stomach is definitely growing.  I'm trying to stay positive about it and I keep reminding myself that it's not fat, it's a small human.  A good reason to gain weight.

When I work out in the evenings I always used to feel so good afterwards.  I would stretch and touch my stomach and feel my abs, which I always believed were more pronounced right after a workout.  This all sounds incredibly vain, I am just realizing, but it's the truth.  Those abs, that feeling of those abs, was an incredible motivator.  It reminded my why I workout and kept me going from one day to the next.

Now that's gone, and I'm not sure what I have to replace it.  Any suggestions??? I just need to get past this mental roadblock.  I think I'm close, just not quite there yet.  Soon, hopefully.

Also, I ate a turkey sandwich today for lunch.  I totally forgot that I'm not supposed to eat deli meat.  It was so tasty and I totally didn't even realize it until after I was done eating it that I shouldn't have.  I guess I shouldn't stress about it too much at this point, since it's over and done with and probably already digested.  Hopefully nothing bad comes as a result of it.   I love deli turkey so this "no lunch meat" thing is really hard for me - but not as hard as the "no alcohol" thing.


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