1/25/11 - 2 Pounds

Lately I have not been diligent about watching what I eat or exercising.  It's a combination of going out to watch the Steeler's game, me craving random things and then usually overeating, and the fact that I'm not tracking my calories.

As of today I am up 2 pounds from the 5 week point and my weight has been the same for the past couple of days so I'm pretty sure it's not a fluke.  2 pounds is a lot to have gained in that short amount of time, so today I am going back to calorie counting. Yuk.

But on the bright side, for the past week or so I have felt great.  None of the queasiness that I would occasionally experience a few weeks ago.  Could it really be that I am already past the worst of it?  If so, that would be amazing.

I am also really starting to come to terms with the pregnant me - it's becoming more of a reality as the days tick by.  We went to a bar the other night to watch the Steeler's game and although I did indulge by ordering chicken tenders instead of a healthier option, I was also not at all sad or upset that I couldn't drink beer.  I ordered a cranberry juice and was happy sipping on that for the evening.  I've realized that ordering water is the cheaper, but less satisfying way to go, and if I only have water to drink I feel sad and left out but if there's something tastier for me to drink I can usually pretend quite easily that I enjoy it just as much as I would a beer.

Has it really been a full month since I've had a drop of alcohol??? That is truly amazing.

Does my ranting about how much I miss alcohol make me sound like an alcoholic? I hope not, because that is so not the case.  But I definitely want something more when I'm not allowed to have it and alcohol has been a prime example of that.

And speaking of months, yesterday was January 24th, exactly 7 months from my due date.  Crazy!

Update as of 1/27/2011 - Back down to my original starting weight.  Guess it was water retention or something like that after all!


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