Pregnant women aren't any fun because...

Because they're not allowed to be!

Man, this is tougher than I expected!

"Let's go to a bar and watch a Steeler's game!"
- Ok, I'll order a Diet Coke. Wait, am I allowed to have Diet Coke? Do I have to order full fat coke?

"Let's drink coffee!"
- Yes! I love caffeine! Oh wait, is caffeine allowed? Even if it is, should I really be parking?

"Want to go in the hot tub?"
- Absolutely!!!! Only... oh yeah, I'm not allowed.

"Let's drink a beer!"
- O. M. G.  How I want a beer.  Or more specifically, a Blue Maui, my signature drink.  I've tried some non-alcoholic alternatives, like sparkling grape juice and alcohol free frozen daquiries, but so far, they just haven't cut it in terms of cutting the cravings.  My next idea is a milkshake.

"Let's party all night!"
- Hmm... well, I'm tired and being the sober person isn't much fun.  I think I'll just go to bed.

The no-alcohol thing is way harder for me than I ever expected.  I figured that as soon as I found out I was pregnant I would suddenly feel all maternal and motherly and not even want alcohol.

Not true.

At all.

In fact, I think it's my nature to want something more than ever when I know I'm not allowed to have it.  Thus I have been craving alcohol more than ever before in my life. 

Don't worry - I haven't given in.  But you better believe that I talk about it alllll the time.

(Also, I don't mean to suggest that one must have alcohol to be fun.  However, I, personally, really enjoy a nice cold drink on occasion and believe that I have more fun when I am drinking.  Also, please refer to my earlier comment above that states I want something more when I'm not allowed to have it.  That is definitely playing a role here.)


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