2-10-11 - Genetics

Today I called to make an appointment for the first trimester screening - a fairly routine process where they do bloodwork and an ultrasound to test for your risk of having a baby with Down's Syndrome.  While on the phone with Magee - the screenings are performed at the Magee Center for Genetics - the question came up as to whether I or my husband had any history of genetic disorders, and my response raised a whole lot of issues.

You see, DH actually does have some genetic family history, and although we weren't initially too concerned about risk, I'm starting to wonder if this could be a big deal.  If a chromosomal disorder is in his family history, then it's very possible that DH is a carrier even though he doesn't display any symptoms. I'm not sure how much we should worry - or if we should even worry at all - but for now we're going to move forward with the tests and just keep our fingers crossed that we both have good genes.


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