2-12-11 - 12 and a half week pic

I'm not very good at taking weekly pics, but there's also not a ton of change to record right now.  I think in the future it will be easier to be more regular about picture taking because I'll want to see the changes.  Who knows, maybe when I go back to look at these later on, I'll actually notice a change!

The other thing is that because my "weeks" start on a Wednesday, I don't usually get around to taking a picture to the weekend, so all of my pictures are "and a half" for the most part.  Oh well.

Wow, note to self - do NOT take these pictures first thing on Saturday morning when you're hair is greasy and you still have your glasses on.  Definitely NOT the best look.

This week I actually feel like my stomach looked flatter than usual.  But the next day it was right back to feeling big a puffy. No new symptoms lately.

It's still really hard for me to be around people who are drinking, because I want a drink soooo bad, but I think it's slightly less painful that before.  I'll really be put to the test this coming Friday when we're meeting up with some people at a bar where there's not much else to do than drink.  But every week this becomes slighter more real, which makes it slightly easier.


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