2-24-11 - The Cough

Written on 2/24/11

I still have this nagging cough, which has been killing me at night.  As soon as I start drifting off I cough, and then I am wide awake again.  I try focusing on keeping my throat moist by swallowing a lot to prevent the coughs, but then I realize that doing so just makes me be wide awake again anyway, so why not just cough?

Last night really set me over the edge.  It is day 9 of this incessant cough.  I like to sleep.  A lot.  And I hate that my sleep is being interrupted so constantly.  I basically cough until I am so exhausted that I pass out for a few hours, and then I wake up again and start coughing some more.  I am tired all day, and not motivated at all in the evenings.  On the weekends, because I can, I want to take a nap but sometimes it does feel like I'm wasting away my precious weekends.

In any case, I will be calling my doctor's office tomorrow.  Now that I'm in the 2nd trimester, I hear that there are medication options that I can try to attempt to help with these symptoms.


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