2-14-11 - Migraines and pregnancy

The thing that I feared most happened this past weekend.  I got my first migraine while pregnant, and it was not pretty.

It started as a regular old headache, which is usually what happens, but I could still tell right away that it was going to be a migraine.  Maybe it's really not just a "regular old headache" after all, since I can always seem to tell the difference between a headache that is going to progress to a migraine, and one that is not, but for some reason I still always perceive them as one in the same.

I fell asleep around 8:30 p.m. last night, not because I was tired but because my eyes were throbbing and I couldn't stand to keep them open.  I woke up around 9:30 when DH came to bed, and I noticed that my nose was stuffed.  Not only did I have a migraine, but my sinuses were clogged (I'm sure that wasn't helping the headache at all.)   I had a mini panic attack, as not only could I not take a Max-Alt, which is the prescription I usually take at the first sign of a headache to ward off it's progression to a migraine, but I also couldn't use nasal spray to clean the blockage in my sinuses.  It was my worst nightmare come true and I tried to relax myself enough to go back to sleep.  DH left the room a few minutes later, since I sounded like a dying horse whenever I took a breath, and although I felt bad forcing him out of the room, it was probably a wise decision on his part - there's no reason for both of us to stay awake all night suffer. 

Last night was a new record for late-night bathroom breaks - 5 total trips.  I kept waking up from the intense pain, holding my head with my hands and thrashing back and forth.  I wanted drugs soooo badly - I am so not used to not being able to treat my ailments.  The headache is still there, overwhelming and painful but it seems like I'm going to make it through the workday without having to go home.  I can't wait until a couple more weeks, when I can at least take tylenol if I need to.  Who ever thought I'd be excited for Tylenol?


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