Real Time Randomness

It's March 9th (yep, I'm writing this post in "real time") and I feel like I'm behind the times because of all of my back-posting.

1. Is it just me, or do we need to get this show on the road?  
I love that I wrote so many posts in my early days of pregnancy, but apparently I am wordier than I even knew.  If I don't start releasing these posts more frequently than one per day it's going to be August before we're up to date, and I'm getting impatient.  Be prepared in the near future for a temporary overload of posts until I get closer to real time posting.  I miss posting live!

But, I've also loved all of your comments, emails, facebook messages, and personal comments about how you're enjoying my posts.  Thanks so much for that!  I wasn't sure if people would be interested in things that I wrote months ago, but I sooooo appreciate the feedback - keep it coming! 

2. Am I am the luckiest girl or what?  Look at these cuties....

Murph doesn't usually like to cuddle at night.  Neither does DH. (Nor do I, for that matter!)  Usually, Murph crawls right into his crate and creates a little cave or nest with his blanket until we lock the door.  This night though, he wasn't feeling well, and wanted nothing more than to cuddle with daddy.  It melted my heart...

3. We call our unborn child Critter.
Not in a "pest" sort of way, but in a "aww... look at that cute little critter" sort of way.  It's weird and we know that, but for some reason, it's stuck and so Baby Hartman is also known as Critter.  I've refrained from calling him/her Critter on this site so far and probably will continue to do so, but in case there's anyone else out there who think that your pet names for your kids - born or unborn - are ridiculous, know that you're not alone. 

4. April 8th is the date for our ultrasound...
...where we'll find out whether Baby Hartman is a boy or a girl.  Yes, we are finding out.  And I can't believe how many people are shocked to hear that!  Why wouldn't we want to find out!!?!?!  I do NOT need to be surprised when I am pushing a human out of my body.  I would rather be surprised on April 8th so that I can plan accordingly. I like to have control and there's not much control in childbirth - I'm going to retain what little control I can.


Sara said...

Loving your posts!!

I felt the same way about finding out. It's so much fun to know what you're having and being able to plan for either a boy or a girl. Hooray for planning! The surprise on April 8th will be so much fun!

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