1/11/11 - What I'm Concerned About Right Now

Welcome to the world of my trivial little brain... 

Right now, I cannot stop thinking about the fact that I will be enormously pregnant during the summer months. I cannot stop thinking about purchasing a maternity swim suit.  You'd think I would be focusing on cribs, or perhaps strollers, or perhaps anything more functional for the baby.

But apparently it's all about ME right now, and I'm really worried about my summer comfort apparently. The sun and warmth associated with summer are the only things that get me through the winter!

I had NO idea how expensive maternity bathing suits were though.  Most are around $100!! I saw one that I liked, on clearance, for $40 and I felt like I should order it right now so that I have it for those earlier months.

Also, I have already decided that I am going for the tankini or one-piece look.  My hat goes off to those women who can throw on a tiny bikini and just let their stomach's hang out there for the world to see, but I can already tell that I will not be one of those women.  I am horribly self conscious and love to show off my stomach, but only when it is toned and at least somewhat flat looking.  I work hard to get it that way, and if I lose my right to wear two-piece suits. 

So yeah, seriously, I really really really want to buy a swimsuit.  Right now.  Shouldn't I be craving ice cream or something other than clothing?  Perhaps I need to make a pregnancy related purchase to make this feel more real?


Laura said...

I would wait till you are closer to swimming months to buy the suit. That way you spend the money on a size that will work for most of the summer instead of getting it wrong and having to buy two.

Tankini maternity suits are great. I found a decently priced one at Motherhood. (Is that the name of the store? It's been a while.)

And I was hugely pregnant in both summer and winter and I definitely prefer the summer. If I got pregnant again I would plan to be due early fall. People will tell you it sucks... but you can find ways to stay cool and summer maternity clothes are really cute and not so big and bulky.

Lynette said...

I have also been pregnant in the summer and delivered 8/8/2007 and expect to be delivering again 8/2/2011. I so feel you pain over the pregnancy swimsuit. I have already did some online browsing and you are right....all the cute ones are super expensive! Hence, my $15 purchase off the clearance rack at Motherhood for my first pregnancy. I had to laugh it off when my husband said it looked like a picnic table cloth...and I had to agree. Red and white checkered! I only wore it in the privacy of my parents pool but I was relieved not to dish out the big bucks! Good luck!

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