My Final Harvest

On Wednesday (same night as Murphy's seizure) I spent an hour or so in my garden, collecting what I believe will probably be the final harvest of the season.  The cucumbers have been long gone and the bean plants are now dying and turning brown.  Unfortunately, I didn't catch this earlier in the week, so quite a few beans were lost.  I started picking beans like crazy - and even though the plants are dying, for some reason, new beans keep popping up like the plant doesn't know that it's end is near! (Ok, maybe it really doesn't know.)  I picked small beans that I normally wouldn't, and only left the really small ones.  I know that it's possible that these will die over the next few days if the plant dies, but they were so small and underdeveloped that I don't even think they would have tasted right.

What was perhaps most exciting for me was the corn!!! Our corn plants never really matured.  They were always only about 4 feet high, and each only had one ear of tiny corn growing on it - never more than that.  So, I had low expectations for the corn even though I was thrilled to see that corn was actually being produced.

Well, now the corn plants are dying and starting to turn brown as well, so I figured it was time to pluck the corn and see how it fared.  I was pleasantly surprised!!!


Even though the ears were tiny, there was actually corn on them!!!  The corn that was there seemed to be fully developed and looked good!  I was able to get about 8 miniature ears - more than I ever thought I would given the appearance of the stalks.  I'm not sure how it's going to taste, but I'm excited to find out!


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