I have always loved the fall - the cool weather, absolutely no humidity, the changing colors of the leaves (ok, well I USED to like the changing colors of the leaves.  But now that I have over an acre of leaves to rake each fall, that part has lost it's romanticism.)

 Murph enjoying just one of our hundreds of leaf piles each fall

Anyway... like I said, I've always loved the fall.  But I love it after a long, hot summer, full of swimming and sunning, sweating and bronzing.  It's 49 degrees right now in Pittsburgh, and I am NOT ready for fall yet.  I am unwilling to get out my sweaters, and I refuse to stop wearing open toed shoes.  I didn't go swimming once this summer, and I have absolutely ZERO tan lines....

Again, I am just not ready for fall yet.  Indian Summer, anyone?


LAURA said...

No kidding! This was a bum summer. I would have liked a few more really warm days. Oh well. I figure now that it's time for fall I might as well try to enjoy it haha.

Melissa Venable said...

i love your doggie!

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