I Have Under-Appreciated My Left Arm

Being a right-handed person, I have not consciously thought much about my left arm.  Until yesterday actually, when I got a flu shot by a nurse that I am pretty sure was brand-spanking new, and now I can't move my left arm up or down, and can only really function if movement is contained below the elbow.

I am not generally a cry-baby.  I am the type of person that burns my arm on a hot stove and I scream silently.  I'm not one to call off sick from work every time I have a cold, and in all of the years that I've gotten a flu shot, I haven't been particularly inconvenienced.

My left arm hurts. So. Bad.  I can't even tell you.  I was the weirdo at my Zumba class last night doing all of the arm movements with my right arm only.  I moaned in pain and woke up every time I unconsciously rolled over on my left side in my sleep.  I literally screamed in pain this morning when I was trying to take off the T-shirt that I was sleeping in so that I could dressed for work.  It is basically undescribable how much this hurts.  One of my co-workers went to get her shot (which she didn't get because they ran out) and she happened to mention that "someone that she worked with" was really sore from the shot.  They basically didn't believe her. 

Is it normal for a flu shot to hurt SO bad?


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