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I'm fairly active on some of the "boards" on MyFoodDiary.com.  Some of them I just read/stalk, but others I actively participate in because I genuinely enjoy it.  One thing that I love about the MFD groups is that it's completely anonymous - none of the people there know me at all, and I often like that when I'm putting myself out there.  The second thing that I like about it is that everyone on that site is there for the same reason - to lose weight.  So I've found it to be an incredibly supportive community, and I can be as involved or as uninvolved as I want to be with the groups.

There's one group in particular that I've been a part of for a long time.  Every two months, there's a new "challenge," usually named for the season or a holiday that occurs during that time frame.  Each member signs up and sets a goal for how many minutes of exercise they hope to complete during the course of the challenge.  Each day you go and post your minutes, and watch it add up towards your goal!

My goal for this challenge is 2000 minutes (hence the title of this post.)  It's just over 30 minutes per day for 61 days, which is how long the challenge runs.  I don't exercise every day, but of the 4-5 days that I do, I usually work out for at least 45 to 60 minutes, so in the end it averages out to being almost the same amount of time each week, and it allows for me to take a day off if I've worked particularly hard that week.

I just started a new challenge yesterday and began posting my stats today.  I used a ticker from tickerfactory.com to keep track of my minutes, and though some of you might enjoy using something like as well! It's great for any sort of countdown (like to a birthday or a wedding) or for a count up to a goal (like minutes spent exercising), or even for tracking weight loss.  Anyway, I think they're fun!

My exercise tracker!

Some people in the group have really ambitious goals - in fact, most of them have goals of 4000 minutes or more! However, many of those individuals don't work full-time, and I'm pretty sure I could work out more if I wasn't spending 8 hours in an office and nearly two hours in a car getting two and from said office.  Oh well...

Do you have any other fun and easy ways to keep track of things like this?


Melissa Venable said...

Hey this is pretty cool! i might have to try something like it! & i've never been to fooddiary... might have to check it out!

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