A week at Nana's house

Murphy spent the week with my parents while we were traveling around, and they brought him to Pittsburgh on the 30th, the same day that we returned.  It wasn't until the afternoon on January 2nd that he finally showed any signs of life.   Prior to that, he was literally just a lump on the couch. 

We were actually worried that he might be sick or that something else might be wrong with him after two full days of total laziness, but all seems to be fine now.  I guess I should look on the bright side - last time he spent a week at Nana's house (well, actually it was two weeks that time), he hated us when he had to come back home because life was so good for him there.   That time it took almost a solid week for us to feel like we had our old dog back.

One final quick note regarding Murphy and Nana's house.  In the winter, DH and I make doggy booties with sandwich baggies and rubber bands, because Murphy's paws freeze in the snow.  My mom decided to buy him actually doggy booties that she found at PetCo.  Unfortunately, whoever designed these booties clearly never owned a dog - they were NOT designed to be anything even remotely similar to a dog's foot.  We still made him try them on, but they only resulted in these ridiculous and sort of sad pictures.

Do those things look like they're going to fit a dog's foot?

No.  No, they do not.

Note to self: Go into the doggy booty business - there is clearly a market.


Corinne said...

I feel bad laughing but poor Murphy!!!
Our pup is acting the same way right now - no energy.at.all. Running around in the country with 2 other dogs will wear you out!

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