My First Two Sewing Projects

I decided that the best way to learn to sew was just to jump in head first and start with a project.  Since I didn't have any material other than an old t-shirt, I decided to start by making Murphy a tiny, Murph-sized pillow.

First I cut and pinned the tiny pillow. Then I sewed it, flipped it inside out, stuffed it with more t-shirt, and sewed it closed.  There must be a secret for going around corners, but I don't know it yet.  When I hit a corner I just bring my needle up, rotate the fabric and keep going but there are always loose pieces of thread whenever I do this.  However, since this is a pillow and I'm going to turn it inside out, I decided not worry about it too much.

Here is Murphy using the pillow that I made for him.

Recognizing how completely and utterly ridiculous this whole idea even was, I was shocked to find that Murph kind of liked the pillow.

With that success behind me I was motivated for another project.  This time: a squeaky toy holder.  Now that's not ridiculous at all.

The pouch and the squeaky toy

You might wonder why Murphy's squeaky toys needed a holder (or a pouch, if you will).  You would be right to wonder, since there is no good answer.  But I can tell you that after making a pouch for Murphy's squeaky hot dog, it was like bringing a new toy back to life.  Murph almost never played with the hot dog, but now that it was in a sack, he loved it and was super possessive. 

Action shot!

Again success.

Actually, I kid.  Both of these projects, as simple as they seem, were actually quite crappy, but it was a good way to get started and have something to practice on.  I figure that no matter what I try, the first dozen or so things that I make are going to be horrible, so I might as well just take on horrible, stupid projects, right?


Laura said...

Corners... Lower the needle all the way down in to the fabric. Put the silver piece in the up position. Turn your fabric. Lower the silver piece. Continue sewing. :)

Corinne said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE the pillow!! So cute! And way to go resurrecting an old toy from the dead!

Ms2Mrs..and back to Ms said...

Congrats on the success of your 1st project. You're right the only way to learn is by jumping in.

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