He's One Hell of Turkey Dropper!

We spent our New Year's Eve at the home of one of DH's co-workers. They had a small party with enough food to feed an army, which included an entire turkey.  Somewhere along the line DH was "selected" as the one to have the "privilege" of getting to drop the turkey into the boiling hot oil.  I had an inkling - and that inkling was confirmed later - that it is less of an honor and more of a risk, as apparently turkey dropping can go quite poorly if not done well.

But who knew?  DH is an awesome turkey dropper.

The oil is behind you, honey

There you go!
Starting the drop

Slowly now

Soooo serious

This was the part where it was sort of scary


I wish I could have eaten some of the professional dropped turkey, but alas, it was fried in peanut oil and I didn't really want to risk starting off 2011 in the hospital.  I hear it was tasty though!


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