Here We Go Steelers!!!

Unless you live in a box (or, I suppose, outside of the Pittsburgh region) you already know that the Steeler's won the AFC championship on Sunday night and will be competing in yet another Super Bowl!!!  Woo hoo!!

I had some pictures from Sunday night, but for some reason my computer is refusing to recognize my camera card.  Oh well, they weren't really that exciting.  Let's instead, look at some pictures from the night that the Steeler's won the Super Bowl back in 2006.

My lucky airbrush tatoo

We made the genius (and I really do mean genius) decision to attend a party in the South Side.  Ordinarily I avoid the South Side like the plague - congested streets with no parking and drunk college students everywhere.  But for the Super Bowl, that was exactly what I was looking for.

Carson Street at half time - the calm before the storm

You can't really see them in the picture above (all of these pictures are going to be fairly crappy because they were taken with my 1 or 2 megapixel camera) but I was posing in front of a bunch of police officers that were on horseback, preparing to contain the rowdiness.

Unfortunately, I had the flu, and so was sick I barely remember anything.  But I do remember that they won!  And that everyone was screaming.  And then everyone that was at the party put on their coats, ran out of the house, and down the three blocks onto Carson Street, where people were literally pouring out of the bars and apartments in droves.  It was amazing.

I'm trying to convey with these pictures the general sense of absolute chaos that was going around,but it's hard to capture that sort of energy on memory card.  I have a horrible, one-megapixel video that I took where you can really hear the cheering and chanting and yelling that was going on, but it's so screeching and horrible you might go deaf and I don't want a lawsuit on my hands.

I look pretty good for almost dying of the flu, don't I?

People were everywhere.  All waving towels, all cheering, running in crazy circles.

No, we do NOT know that guy in the picture above.  But that was part of the fun of it! People just wanted to be part of history and that guy will forever be part of our history.

Now the question is, where should we go this year?  We don't know anyone who lives in the South Side anymore, and I'm pretty sure in order to get a table at a bar we'd have to get there at like 1 p.m.  I'm not sure we're willing to make that kind of commitment.  I'm also not sure that I want to deal with the hassle of parking in the South Side and trying to get out of the city afterwards.  In 2006 I was in grad school, so not getting enough sleep was the story of my life, and I live in the city, so I didn't have to try to get out it.   Now DH and I are "old" (I'm almost 30!), we live in the suburbs, and we hate the thought of the hassle of dealing with the South Side on Super Bowl Sunday.

But we're also young at heart, and we remember the amazing time we had being there.  And I realize that it's hard to turn your back to an opportunity to relive a moment like that again.  It could be a decision that I regret or cherish for the rest of my life.


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