The View From Here

It's currently 18 degrees outside.  That's pretty frigid if you ask me.  Frigid enough that when Murphy comes in from outside, he's usually limping on at least one of his four paws, since the pads on his feet freeze.

And yet it's also sunny out.  Blue skies and bright sun streaming in through the window.

It's deceptively nice, enough so that Murphy keeps asking to go outside even though it's oh-so-cold.  Around his third or fourth time outside this morning we found this:

 Can you see him up there???

Yep.  He's laying in the snow.

Lounging in the sun as if it's the middle of June.  Apparently if you're laying down, your feet don't freeze as easily.

Actually that's not true.  When he came in three minutes later he was definitely only walking on three paws.



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