He's 30!!!!

Happy, happy birthday to my wonderful husband of nearly 3 years now!  We've known each other since the fall of 2000, so DH can safely say that I've known him for 1/3 of his entire existence.  That's pretty amazing if you ask me.

Now all of a sudden, I am in the wonderful position of the being the "younger woman," still in my 20's while married to an older man in his 30's.

Here's a quick glance at some of our fun memories (post digital cameras). 

2004 - Visiting the Home Depot in New York City

2005 - On a Just Ducky Tour of Pittsburgh

2006 - Halloween as a Mario Brother; Our first fall in the first home we ever bought together

2007 - Embarking on a cross-country motorcycle trip with his brothers; We got engaged AND moved to the second house that we purchased together

2008 - Our wedding

2009 - Living life and loving it

2010 - Trip to Mexico!

2011 - DH turns 30 and who knows what this year will bring!

One thing is for sure - there will be many more amazing memories, this year and dozens to come. 

Happy Birthday, DH! I love you!


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