Here we go Steelers!

I am THRILLED that the Steeler's beat the Ravens on Saturday AND that the Jet's beat New England.  That means that next weeks game will once again be in Pittsburgh!!!

On Saturday night we went to Quaker Steak in Cranberry to watch the game.  We were disappointed to find that all of the seating in the bar area was full because there were a bunch of tables that were marked as "reserved" (but empty.)  So we had to sit in the general seating area where there were only small TV's, but we were able to make the most of it, and I was just happy that we didn't have to stand the entire time.  (DH would probably be fine with standing in a bar for 5 straight hours but I definitely am not.)

If you watched the game, you probably know that it wasn't looking good early on, but the Steeler's made quite a comeback in the 2nd half and it was very exciting.  There's nothing like being in a place where everyone is rooting for the Steeler's, wearing jerseys and cheering them on - the energy is amazing. I love it!

I didn't take many (or any, really) pictures from this weekend but DH did take this one of my sister and I posing in front of a sparkly heart that was located on the mirror behind our heads.  If you knew me and my sister in our teenage years, you know that we've come a long way to get to this picture.

My my, I have an enormous neck.

Go Steelers!!!


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