Happy New Year!

So much for those "posts via phone" that I alluded to in my last post!  Oh well!

The holidays flew by in a flash and I can't believe that it's already time to head back to work tomorrow (and that I don't have another holiday day off until Memorial day.)  We traveled just over 800 miles - an incredible improvement over last years 1200+ - and were able to relax and spend some quality time at each destination, which was nice. 

Today I "took down Christmas" and when I threw the garland on my living floor, it caught the bright sunlight shining in through our picture window.  I took about a dozen pictures of it, all similar to the one above, and even though it's a little abstract since you can't really tell what it is, I love them.

I'm going to recap a few details of our trip, but nothing extensive.  At this point, it seems so far in the past that it almost doesn't seem worth it, but I have a few great pictures that I'd like to showcase, at the very least.

So, if you missed me (ha!), know that I am officially back now!  And although I'm a day late, Happy New Year!!!


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