Desk #2 - Complete!

This past weekend DH finished putting together the second of the two desks that we purchased, to replace our old, mis-matched desks.  Mine was a stupid plywood-like number that was great for college but sort of crappy now (moving 6 times will do that to a piece of furniture) and DH's desk was so ridiculously enormous that it deserved to have its own zip code.

Now we have matching desks.

Cheesy? Sort of.  But what else could we do?  We each wanted/needed to have our own desk, they needed to be on the small side, and they needed to complement each other since they would be in the same room.  Matching desks just made sense.

The view from the door/hallway

It's a tight little space now, even thought it once felt like a really decent sized bedroom. Now, there is barely enough rug exposed (much of it is covered but our desk chair mats) that I'm not sure if I'll be able to vacuum in there when I clean.

But it's also really functional for us.  We were previously dedicating an entire empty bedroom to just being a "spare bedroom."  Even though we probably have more overnight guests that most people our age, it's still not frequently enough to justify an entire spare bedroom.

And cramming everything into this room means that we can take our good old time with emptying out and painting the back bedroom.  It's a good thing too.  When did we finish the dining and finish painting this room? I'm pretty sure it was back in November.  I told you we were burnt out after that, and we weren't kidding.  It's taken us nearly two full months to get this room to this point, so clearly we needed to come up with a better solution than just moving the furniture into the living room for a few days.

My new blogging space

Originally I was supposed to get the desk with the hutch, but in the end it was obvious that DH had way more "stuff" that he needed space for than I did.  He's our primary banking and bill paying so I agreed that he should get the hutch.  I was worried that I wouldn't have enough storage space in my desk without the hutch but I'm pretty sure that in the end the only thing I'll be short on is filing cabinet space, so I may have to try to convince DH to give me half a drawer in his big four-drawer cabinet.

The other perk of my new desk?

The heat vent is right at my feet.  A definite perk during these horribly cold winter months.  And is it just me, or is this winter already way more horrible than last year? And it's only January?

Yes, definitely way more horrible.


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