I wish I could hibernate every winter.  Just curl up into a little ball in my bed sometime around late November and wake up at the end of March and the start of spring. True, my annual income would take a hit, but I wouldn't be spending much either, so I could hopefully make ends meet by working the other 7 and a half months out of the year.

Every winter I go into a slump.  I don't know what to write about, because nothing is happening.  If I wrote about what I was really thinking 95% of the time, it would be about how I'm cold and how I'm sick of winter.  Who wants to read that?  A "big outing" for us in the winter is going to the grocery store, because we have to actually take off our (slightly) warmer, comfy clothes to put on something more respectable. 

I already wear long underwear tops and bottom under all of my clothes whenever I'm home, I usually have the hood up on the sweatshirt I'm wearing, and we've even decided to suck it up and turn out heat up a bit this year - something that was very hard for two frugal people to do.  Why would we want to spend money on heat????  Oh, that's right - because I'm going to cry if we don't warm up these bones of mine.  My favorite winter hobby - which DH absolutely hates - is curling up in bed under all of my blankets with a book and reading the hours away, passing the time second by second until the snow melts and the sun finally comes out again.   I dream about the beach, blue skies and blue water, the sun, and warmth.  I smell spring breezes in my dream that are so real I wake up momentarily exhilarated until I realize that it was all a dream.  A tease of a dream. 

If I can't hibernate then I should at least fly south for the winter.  Where it's warmer and I can function like a real human being.  Where winter coats are irrelevant and entire cities shut down for one inch of snow (because I think that's how it should be.)  Every winter - and increasingly more and more as each new winter arrives - I talk about moving somewhere warmer.  Some day I might actually be desperate enough to do it.  If only I could come into a large sum of money that would allow me to keep my heat at 80 starting October 1st, I could manage it here in the cold, cold north.  But until then, I guess I need to invest in long underwear and stock up on good books and warm blankets to get me through.  It's only January, after all.  At least two more months of this crap!  *shudder*


Ms2Mrs..and back to Ms said...

I feel your pain. Whenever the weather gets like this I end up sleeping so so so much more and do a lot less. Hang in there. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but we're suppose to get slammed this week with a snow/sleet/ice storm mid week. Total dislike.

KellyAnn950 said...

Winter is my favorite season! I think that the winter sports/activities make it the most fun. Maybe you could try xc skiing or snow shoeing? I would be happy to lend you a pair of skis or shoes anytime! It's a blast :)

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