A cockapoo and a crowbar

Ok, so I admit that I'm taking some artistic leeway with the title of this post.  Murphy is most definitely NOT a cockapoo.  But we sure do love calling him that every now and then....

Anyway, this past Saturday it was the first demolition weekend at DH's rental property.  I was going because back in January when I was begging him to go on vacation with me this summer, I promised that I would help at with the renovation so that he could take a week off to go to Mexico. 

Usually hard manual labor makes me cranky.  But on this particular weekend I allowed myself to get plenty of sleep, and we kept my work load to just around 5 and a half hours, which fell just under my crank threshold. 

Anyway, I mentioned that we were doing demo, right?  But what you might not know is that when a Hartman does demo, he's not messing around.

Case in point - the kitchen. (Or, the room formerly known as The Kitchen.)

The whole house is basically coming down. 

You can see a video of the man in action here:

My least favorite part was going to the bathroom while watching DH walk around in the kitchen a floor down.  Definitely scary....

What did I do all day? Well, first I pulled up carpet tack strips in 5 large bedrooms.  Then I rolled and bagged all of the carpet padding.  Finally, I used a bizarre tool to remove multiple layers of flooring, including some linoleum straight out of the 60's. 

We ended the day when DH pulled down a ceiling that creating so much black dust that I ran out of the house and stood on the porch, and it was like the black smoke monster from Lost was coming out that doorway.  Then came this scary looking dust-covered man wearing a mask and making crazy breathing noises and I was sure that it was Desmond coming out of the hatch!!  Oh wait, it's just my husband...

So we gathered up our white dog, who was now by this point totally gray, and hit the road.  We have more demolition to look forward to tomorrow morning, followed by a trip to St. Marys for Memorial Day weekend!


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