The wall is finished

A couple of weeks ago, DH finally finished the "great wall" that we started around Easter.  The delay was due to the fact that he needed to rent a concrete saw in order to make the toppers for the wall curve along the same arc as the rest of the wall.  The main blocks were designed to be able to allow for a curve, but the toppers were not. 

The event looked like perhaps there was a massive pile of leaves on fire, or anything else that you can think of that looks extremely smoky.

It started off alright...but check out this progression of photos.

And then he couldn't take it anymore.

But when it was all said and done, it was beautiful and I took some time to spread out the clumps of hostas that were choking themselves out of existence. 

And thus the completion of the very first gardening project of the season. 

A few thoughts on this project....

As nice as this wall looks, in the end, it probably wasn't worth it.  It cost us well over $500 and a TON of time, for very little return.  The hill behind the wall was so incredibly steep and there was a lot of erosion going on so we needed to do something, but I wish that something could have been a little less expensive.  It's hard when you're trying to budget to throw SO MUCH money on a project that adds relatively little value to your property. 

Oh well - lessons learned.  And now all of a sudden we had an ENORMOUS garden area and zero plants to plant in it... Can you see where this is going??


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