Gardening Week!

I'm declaring the week of May 16 (this week) gardening week.  After 9 hours of gardening yesterday alone, but at least a handful of hours today, and then counting the numerous hours spent the past couple of weekend and evenings, I have a LOT to write about garending.  If you're not very interested in gardening I'm really sorry - this week is not going to be very exciting for you to read.  But if you ARE into gardening, this week is going to be full of pictures and information!! Woo hoo!

Right now I am at work (yes, I realize it is a Sunday.)  It's just one of a half-dozen or so weekends that I have to work, but fortunately things have been very quiet (knock on wood.)   I just received an e-mail from DH to tell me that his truck broke down in Oakland.  He is my ride, and AAA is on the way, so hopefully it's just the battery and we can still head home at 1:30 as originally planned. 

Wish me luck!


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