Dogwood trees are my absolute favorites.  Their vibrant color in the early spring is always so inspiring, especially early in the season when they're all flowers and no leaves.

One of my favorite things about this house when were looking at it was that it had so many dogwood trees.  Seriously.  I had been trying to grow one at our first house, but it wasn't looking so great (turns out it just needed a year or two to take - now it looks amazing!)

Usually most of my dogwood pictures look exactly the same.  But this year, I think that a few turned out particularly well and I'm thinking about framing them!

Love this one. LOVE IT. 

A little bug

Usually I give all of my attention to the pink dogwoods, but this year, I really found myself loving the white ones as well.

Now if I only knew how to do some professional photo editing, I could make some of these pictures frame-worthy....


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