As promised!!!

Here is a picture of the random cut/bump that I woke up with on my back on Monday morning!

What you probably can't really see in this picture is the enormous bump that is directly under that weird shaped disaster.  (Actually, you can sort of tell - the bump is where it the flash is particularly reflective.) It was big and sore.

Yesterday even the pressure of my bra strap on that bump was painful, but it's healing quickly and it's already less swollen and less sore.

My dehydration issue is also lessening although still definitely present. I know this because my urine is florescent yellow.   My migraine doctor tells me that's no good.  I think that's fairly obvious...

Oh, and for the record - I'm still thinking that this cut came from the corner of our bathroom counter, especially now that I'm able to see all of the detail!  Doesn't it look like a big collection of scratches and cuts all in the same little area!?!? 

Update: I just put a sports bra on. OUCH!  Not quite ready for that yet apparently!!!


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