Lost - Reflections

Monday night we finally finished watching the season finale of Lost.

I'm not going to say much right now.  I need to process a little more before I put more of my thoughts out there.  But here is my initial observation....

On Sunday - literally ALL DAY SUNDAY - Twitter and Facebook were all abuzz about Lost.  People predicting what was going to happen.  People just exclaiming how excited they were to watch it.  Literally everyone was writing about Lost.  And the people who weren't writing about Lost?  Well, we all just ignored their stupid non-Lost posts and moved on to the other Lost posts.  The energy was palpable; I was getting exciting just being online!

So, the next day I was excited!   Monday morning I woke up and quickly logged in to both Facebook and Twitter to see what people were saying (yes, I admit that was probably stupid since I hadn't seen the last hour and a half, and I risked the possibility of reading huge spoilers, but I was anxious.)  I was expecting every single post to be about how amazing the finale was! Or how sad they were that it was over...

But the reality?  No one was really saying much of anything.  There was an occasional post here or there, saying something vague or uninteresting, but I didn't get it.  Where was the hype?

And now I know why.... there just wasn't much to say.  I don't want to say that I hated the ending - I need to process it a bit more before that sort of statement.   But I can definitely say without question that the finale was not what I was expecting.  For a show that was so amazing, so mysterious, so intense, and so intelligent... to just say "they were dead.  The end," seems like sort of a cop out to me.  Seriously???  Lost fans were saying that they were dead on fan boards three seasons or more seasons ago!  That's the best the writers could come up with?

And I walked away with so many unanswered questions, which I will cover in a post later on once I put together a list.  So yeah... I'm a little disappointed.  And I didn't have a single urge to go to any of the social media sites to say anything amazing about the finale, and I'm pretty sure a lot of other fans felt that way as well.... There just wasn't anything to say.  

So now that it's over and done with and gone forever, I can't help feeling just a little bit sad.  Or rather, maybe I should say that I feel lost...

Where should I start?  Well, first let me say that I was a big Lost fan.  I didn't start watching it right from the beginning but really got into it after the third season.  I spent an entire summer watching one episode per day online during my lunch break - when others were outside enjoying the sun, I was inside watching Hawaiian sunshine on my computer screen.  It took some time and a lot of prodding but I finally convinced DH to start watching during the fifth season.  We started the Season 1 discs through Netflix and I watched everything for a second time while he watched for the first.

Have you ever watched something a second time and marveled at how much new information you were able to notice the second time around?  I was floored.  I always thought that Lost was a smart, intriguing show, but the second time around it's even more so because you notice a lot of the little details that you didn't see the first time.  Quirky things, like how many times "the numbers" showed up in various


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