Wanted: Quarry Truck Driver

Did I ever tell you that we live on top of a rock quarry? I didn't? Well, let me tell you right here and now - we apparently live on top of a rock quarry.

We've known for a while now that our soil was pretty crappy.  But it wasn't until we started actually tilling it up that the true reality hit us.

We live on a rock quarry.

Do you see all of those rocks??? 

Would you prefer a close-up?

Picking all of those rocks (and I'm not even mentioning all of the roots) out of the garden bed was horrible, back-breaking work.  I declared intense hatred on all things rock.  We hauled wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of rock to the edge of our property, and now we just have a pretty trashy looking rock pile at the edge of our yard.  What do you DO with so many rocks that you want to get rid of? 

After my initial wave of rock hatred, I suggested that we just skip planting altogether and just do a rock garden, but DH wouldn't have it.

At some point we just said "enough is enough - we've gotten all of the rocks that we can."  But even after that I was still finding more massive rocks with each every hole that I tried to dig.

No wonder our first tiller died within 10 days... it was probably begging to die, based on the torture that we were putting it through in this rock quarry. 

So, if you're thinking of starting a rock garden, or have any interest in some rocks, let me know! I'm your girl!


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