Garden Update

I'm definitely behind in my garden updates.  But don't think that means that nothing has been happening in the garden!

Currently we are overwhelmed with trying to consume the mass amounts of spinach that our plants have exploded into.  The picture below as taken about two weeks ago - they are about twice as big now!

I am loving our spinach salads with dinner each night.  The problem now is that the plant has started to "bolt," meaning that it's producing seeds.  Once this happens, it's necessary to pretty quickly harvest the rest of the spinach, because once the plant starts seeding, it puts all of it's energy into those seeds and the new spinach leafs don't taste as good.   I hope to do a final harvest really soon so that we don't waste any of this.  One of DH's brothers is coming to live with us soon, so hopefully he will be interested in eating spinach salads every night for dinner as well.

That's the crazy thing about gardens.  Even if you space out your plantings, it's still nearly impossible to plan it in such a way that you only produce exactly as much as you can reasonably consume.  Nope.  Instead, we find ourselves consuming mass amounts of leafy greens (organic AND on the anti-cancer diet list, so I'm not complaining, but DH is starting to get sick of spinach already...) in an amount of time that is somewhat unreasonable.  And it makes me sad to think that some of it might go to waste....

In other news, we've been harvesting our strawberries relatively regularly and DH has been loving the berries, although once again, it's harder to eat what we grow than we would have thought.

The Northeastern blueberry plants, which only really produce one crop, are pretty much over.  Sadly the slugs liked these berries the best, and we lost a LOT of them. The other variety that we planted are an "everbearing" variety, which means that they'll continue to produce throughout the summer.  Last summer the plants produced flowers until the first frost (we were pinching off the flowers though to give the plant some strength.)

More garden updates will be coming soon, including:
  • How to plant potatoes
  • Update on the dead twig (dormant) garden
  • Cukes and beans!


Laura said...

A lot of stuff that you have more than you can eat can be canned or frozen.

Frozen berries are awesome for smoothies.

And I've bought frozen spinach from the store so I know there is a way to do that right as well. Frozen spinach can be used in things like lasagnas and stuffed shells.

Just some thoughts so you don't have to waste your lovely organic food. :)

BeeKayRoot said...

I'm enjoying your gardening adventure... I feel like I've already learned a lot through your trials and triumphs.

I've just within the past year taken a liking to eating spinach salads over other lettuce types. Every now and then I'll fold spinach leaves into various pasta dishes and whatnot.

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