My favorite shows

There were a lot of shows that I LOVED to watch this past season.  My two favorites, by far, were LOST and Flash Forward.
 Oh, TV, what would I do without you?  Source

Flash Forward
As we all know, Lost is over (and it wasn't really the satisfying ending that I was hoping for...)  Flash Forward, on the other hand, was CANCELED!!! WHAT!!??!  How in the world could they cancel that show??? It was going to be my new Lost and I know that a lot of other people liked it as well.

Here's the concept: there was an "event" which caused the entire world to blackout for 2 minutes. During those 2 minutes, most people saw visions of their future.  Those who didn't see visions assumed that they were going to die over the course of the next few months.  Some characters were so excited about their flash forwards that they pursued them and made life-altering decisions that they probably would never have made if the flash forward hadn't happened (i.e. going to China to find a girl.)  Others tried desperately to change or avoid their futures - one man committed suicide so that another woman and her children could survive.

Anyway, the last episode was great, and ended with another flash forward happening.  The whole episode had us asking, "Is it going to happen? Or will it not happen??"  Well, it happened.  The writers - who I'm sure by this point knew that the show was going to be canceled - decided to end the series with the original cliffhanger of a finale that showed flash forwards from years in advance (instead of months, like the first one) and we're all left wondering "What's going to happen!???!"

Well, I guess we'll never know.  ABC officials, if you're out there and reading this (Ha! Who am I kidding?)  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reconsider canceling this show!  We NEED it!

And what really ticks me off is that they decided to renew V for another season.  V is ok - I mean, we watch it and all that - but it's not great.  It seems super low budget and it really pisses me off a lot.  Like in the episode where the hybrid human/alien baby was born, they kept showing everything peeking under the blanket and making wide-eyed faces, but we never got to see it.  All we got to see was a tiny, slimy tail poking out from the back of the blanket.  Lost would have showed that alien.  But V just teases us.  It has the makings of a good show, but the execution is poor.

My Other Favorite Shows From This Past Season?
  • Community
  • The Office
  • 30 Rock
  • Biggest Loser
  • Survivor
  • Amazing Race
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Private Practice

Shows That I Watched But Didn't Necessarily Love?
  • 24
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Glee (I "sort of" love it, but not like most people love it, so I'm not putting it under my "loves" list)
  • Modern Family

We all know that the summer TV series sucks.  Right now, the only thing that I really plan on watching So You Think You Can Dance, which is sort of annoying because it's 2 hours and there's really only about 30 minutes of actual content, but with DVR I can blow through an entire 2 hour episode in about an hour.

But what else is worth watching in the summer? If I don't have something to watch, I won't work out.  What do YOU watch?  And if you agree that there's nothing to watch on live TV over the summer, do you have any favorite past series that we could get on Netflix and start watching?  I've heard some good things about True Blood?

Any and all comments are greatly appreciated!


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