Summer functional

This post is about shorts.  You know, like pants but... short.

In the past, I hated shorts.  I owned a few pairs, but never really wore them.  I felt like my legs looked horrible and they always bunched up at my thighs, causing chafing.  (And no one likes chafing.)

I used to always wears capris or gouchos or dresses, but capris and gouchos seem so out of style and dresses aren't always functional for summer events (picnics, sitting in the grass, etc.)  Lately I've been seeing a lot of shorts in the stores, and they aren't the same old ugly jean shorts like I used to buy.  They're cute, and soft and not too short... so I took the plunge, and bought two pairs of shorts.

These shorts in fact, except that mine have a grey vertical stripe as well.  I love them.  They're comfortable, soft (from their "soft khaki" line) and I walked in the mall in them for two full hours and there was no chafing involved.

Plus they just felt so "summer functional."  Don't I sound trendy?

I know that most women have an opinion about shorts, and whether or not you like them... where do you fall?


Laura said...

I like them when I am skinny. I hate them when I am not.

My legs look better in short shorts but I won't wear them that short. :)

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