Definitely NOT Murphy's best friend

Believe it or not, two dog interactions for Murphy (Winston and Dillon) was not enough for one weekend.  We also had to go and meet Kaylee, DH's aunt's new puppy.

Kaylee is definitely a "puppy" puppy.  Meaning, she's got tons of energy, isn't super well trained yet, and has paws that she still needs to grow into.  I think it's safe to say that Murphy does not like puppies.  He definitely did not like Kaylee.

She looks cute and innocent, right? 

But OH MY, the energy.  It's one of the reasons that I'm thankful that Murph was already two years old when we got him.  He was well past the puppy phase.   Puppy energy cannot be described in any other way.

Watching from a distance...

Murph does NOT like surprises, or quick movements, or anything that might catch him off guard. If one of those things happens, he growls and lunges for the throat or whatever other body part he can connect his teeth with.  Fortunately, he's only about 17 pounds and has always been smaller than the dogs he was attacking, so for the most part, the owners of the other dogs don't hate us too much when our dog acts like a total jerk to theirs.

But remember that Kaylee is a puppy, and probably hasn't ever been attacked before.  So after a lunge from Murph and a nip on the back of the leg, Kaylee cried like her leg had been completely bitten off.  She literally yelped for at least 30 seconds (which is a long time when you're listening to piercing yelping.)  DH hauled Murphy away, and henceforth was known as Osama bin Murphdog.  We put him in Guantanamo Car for the duration of the visit, which he was not very happy about.

I checked Kaylee's leg, and all appeared to be well.  Within another 30 seconds, I'm pretty sure she forgot about it, but I still felt bad.

Even this guy...

... didn't get along with Kaylee as well as we had thought he would.  Dillon usually gets along with most dogs, but Kaylee's energy seemed to make him think that they were fighting, and he was getting a little crazy as well.

So, that visit was cut short, but I'm glad that we got to meet the new puppy.  If nothing else, it reaffirmed for me that if we ever get another dog (many years from now, after Murphy is gone *sniff*), I definitely do NOT want a new puppy.  I don't think I have the patience and a small, young adult dog is just as good as a puppy in my book.


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