Tulum Bound!

Our trip to Mexico is only a few weeks away and I've starting doing research into what sorts of things we're going to do when we're there!

Photo from www.dreamsresorts.com

To bring you up to speed, we decided to go to Tulum, Mexico and specifically, the Dreams Tulum resort.  We chose this particular resort because early on in the planning stages, we were trying to get a group of friends and family to go together.  We sent out lots of e-mails, solicited feedback, and there were quite a few people who said they would be interested.  Some of these people had kids, and so to encourage people of all ages and family orientations to join us, we wanted to do child friendly.

But no one else is coming with us.

I shouldn't have been surprised, but in all honesty, I was.  I'm not really the type of person to tell someone that "might" do something.  I usually just say "no," which does make me a party-pooper of sorts, but I hope that people appreciate the honesty.  So I guess that I thought the people who told us "maybe" were actually interested and seriously thinking about coming.  I really truly honestly thought that we'd get at least ONE other couple to join us.  Maybe even more!  I was really optimistic about this, and I'm not usually an optimistic person.  Now I remember why.  Optimism usually leads to being disappointed, and feeling disappointed sucks.  If I had been using my realist attitude, I would have said, "It's pretty unlikely anyone else will come," and I would have just moved on.  For one, we definitely would have booked at an adult's only hotel - kids are great and all, but for just DH and I, we both really enjoy the adults-only atmosphere for an all-inclusive vacation.

Anyway, speaking of moving on... enough about that!

There is one enormous "positive" to no one else coming with us.

Being able to do whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want.

Competing with the interests and agendas of others can be challenging.  When you have a group of people, everyone will want to do different things, but some people will also really want the whole group to do things together.  This can be challenging.  Everyone will have different things that they want to do with their vacation time, and in the past, I've often felt like so much time is lost arguing about what to do or saying things like, "you decide." "No, YOU decide."  Seriously.

We're renting a car and we don't need to share space.  We can do as many or as few day trips as we want.  We don't have to meet anyone for meals and if we want to sleep for an entire day, no one will miss us. 

I'm going to have lots of plans in place for things we want to do, but if we wake up one morning and want to do something else, we can.  There's something refreshing about being able to live life day by day and although we might wish we had family and friends there in the evenings when we're at the bar, we can always make new friends, right?!?!

I'm going into this trip with a totally positive attitude and I'm determined to have an amazing time.  It's our first all-inclusive vacation where we'll have a ton of freedom to leave the resort when we want to.  (In the Dominican Republic and Jamaica it's not really safe to leave the leave the resort other than sponsored excursions.)  I'll leave some of the fun plans for a later post!  Until then, just know that I am SOOO excited. 


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