When I wish I was a teacher

This is always the time of year when I wish I was a teacher.  The last day of the school year, graduation, all of those exciting things, but most importantly - you're done with work!!!! For weeks!!!!

Before you get mad at me for saying that:
  • Yes, I realize that many teachers still work over the summer on planning for the next year
  • Yes, I realize that many teachers work other jobs over the summer
  • Yes, I realize that teachers work hard during the many months that make up the school year

But I argue that it's still better than NOT having a last day of "school" (or work) to look forward to.  You get to lesson plan for the next school year AT HOME, or at the POOL, or at the BEACH, or even just outside on your back porch or maybe even in the comfort of your living room with the air-conditioning blasting.  The point is, you get to decide where to do your work.  Or even better YOU GET TO DECIDE whether you want to want to plan, or work somewhere else, or do nothing, or do everything.  Having that sort of choice for more than a few days at a time is something I would loooooove to have. 

Get what I'm saying?

 Murph loves having his summers off too!

Those of us who work full-time, permanent year-round jobs never get to experience the annual excitement surrounding the first day of school, the last day of school, winter break, spring break, easter break, break for hunting season, etc.  All of those things that we loved and look forward to as students, that teachers get to relive every single year.

I know that many teachers might say something like, "Well, teachers have EARNED that time off!!!" as if the rest of us don't work horrible, grueling jobs, and deal with immature and overbearing people.  I don't buy that.  We all earn our time off, whether it comes in the form of summers off or vacation days.  I make less than my husband and yet I don't get the summers off!  But it was a choice that I made.  I know that.

Which is why I would rather teachers just say something like, "Yep, it's an awesome perk of my profession."  It's a great way to acknowledge the awesomeness without rubbing it in our faces. 

So teachers, congratulations on finishing yet another school year (see!?!?! no one ever says to me, "Hey Lisa, congrats on finishing another year of work!).  Enjoy your summer off! Have fun at the pool! Or whatever you decide to do.  Just please don't post toooo many pictures of your summer fun on Facebook, or I'll get even more jealous that I already am.

And finally, yes, I do realize that I could have become a teacher.  I even thought about it many years ago, right after I finished undergrad.  But no, I have no interest of going back to school to become a teacher.  I still have $30K+ in student loans to pay off the bachelor's and master's degrees that I already have, and I am not looking to make that number any bigger.

And besides, I need to focus on figuring out a way for me to be able to quit my job and become a stay-at-home mom some day!  :o)  Murph needs his mommy at home!


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