$600 worth of mulch

This is what $600 worth of mulch looks like. It's about 16 yards of mulch (or 8 truckloads for those of us who don't speak in yards) and it took about 8 hours.  It's black, triple shred (aka the nicer stuff!)  and compared to the slightly cheaper stuff it seems so nice.
Our hope is that $600 worth of mulch (and hundreds of feet of weed block) will mean that we never have to do anything ever again with this nightmare of a hill.  I'm anxious to see what happens the next time it rains - currently there is perforated pipe running along the top to help with runoff.

But at least for now, doesn't it look amazing?  I'll re-post some of the "before" pictures soon so that you can remember how horrible this hill used to look!


BeeKayRoot said...

Lisa, your blog is cracking me up. I feel like your blog is a "home improvement" blog, or something I would see on TLC.

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