White Elephant Extravaganza

Can you believe that Christmas was over 3 weeks ago? My how time flies.... 

On the Friday night before Christmas, Dave and I attended our one and only Christmas party of the season - the Annual White Elephant Extravaganza.

All of the gifts set out on the table

Our gifts were a set of photo coasters (that we filled with randoms photos of ourselves, our dog, and a stove) and a box of plastic leis with a giant bottle of wine.  The "theme" of the wine gift?  "Drink wine and get leid." I think that people liked it.

Our general motto for white elephant parties is to never gift totally useless gifts - we will always give something that is at least moderately valuable to the right person, and we try to make sure that it's universally useful (even if the person who ultimately received it may or may not agree.)  But on the same token, we don't want to give the MOST valuable gift because you will never ever ever come away with anything even remotely as nice.  So, basically we half-ass it, but keep usability in mind. 

Anyway, the hot gift of the night was a $25 American Express gift card - clearly the most valuable gift amongst a lot of random things including two ugly statues, the American Pie DVD, Play-doh, a book, and a frame.  One of the other popular gifts including a live Betta fish with a gift certificate, a bottle of whiskey and our wine gift with the leis. 

Dave was THIS close to getting to keep the whiskey.. but, no such luck.

So what did we walk away with when it was all said and done?  A weird little clock that only lights up when you hit it and make it rock (not the greatest, but certainly not the worst), and THIS t-shirt.

Is there anything more than I can say?  I don't think so.....


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